About Us

Bithium is specialized in the development of innovative wireless communications equipments and systems . The company has strong background experience in DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and its variants, voice over IP (VoIP) and in the use of DSPs for audio processing. Its among the first to develop and deliver DECT based data communication solutions since 2001. Its new line of technology products includes Wireless VoIP terminal technology.

We believe there is still a long way to go in assisting people communicate better and in more convinient ways.  We give everyday our best to make sure that our innovative approach and problem solving engineering provides good value to our customers.

The company is located in Lisbon - Portugal - Europe’s west coast.

What we do

Several products from well known brands use Bithium technology and are out in the market - both in the consumer and professional/business segments. We are proud of our track record of completed innovative projects and on satisfied customers engaging new projects with us.

We provide consulting services in all development stages: from product specification, embedded system design, industrial design, prototyping, testing up-until production and we are flexible in terms of which of these make sense to provide on a customer by customer basis. Everyone has a different company structure setup and thus requires different services depending on it.

We believe that a strong co-operation with our customers can bring innovation to a higher limit.

Our Mission

Simplify and bring freedom to life through creation and innovation on telecommunication and embedded systems


DECT Forum

The Mission of the DECT Forum is to support a collaborative environment of the DECT industry and drive programs to develop and improve DECT wireless technology in order to exceed wireless communications expectations and meet the needs of a technology-shifting world.


Bithium has worked with several US, Canadian, British, Italian, French, Danish and Hong-Kong based customers. Several products in the market are the best testimonial of our technical solutions.

Intellectual Property

Bithium has developed a number of protocol stacks and licensable IP as listed below:

  • DECT GAP protocol stack
  • DECT DPRS/DMAP stack
  • DECT 6.0 protocol stack
  • CAT-iq 1.0 protocol stack
  • ISDN protocol stack

Information on each of the above stacks is available on request. Both object library and source code are licensable. For further information please contact us through info@bithium.com