2001 - Bithium starts its activity focusing on data communications using the DECT standard. A cordless link between a portable part (PCMCIA card or ISA PnP card) and a fixed part with an embdeed modem or ISDN circuit for Internet access is offered to customers as a licensable design. A DECT DPRS/DMAP stack was also developed providing a standardized method for data communications over the DECT air interface.

Although data over DECT was not widely adopted by the market, we see that the evolution of data networks and the integration of VoIP technology is bringing back the need for data communications over DECT, however as a complement to voice communications and not as a standalone service.

The company has pursued activities of licensing of protocol stack libraries, technical support, product development and production of developed products. Bithium announced in 2008 its Freedom DECT-VoIP design and started offering services in VoIP and Embedded Linux areas complementing its core activity in wireless.

Bithium is investing in CAT-iq developments as a step forward towards the standardization of advanced future DECT equipments with high quality audio links associated with VoIP connectivity.