Integrated New Product Development and Introduction

Bithium provides a turn-key solution for your new project. We can assist you from initial concept validation and mapping into a detailed product specification up final development deliverables or end-product delivery.

From Product Concept to Specification

We can assist you in bringing your product concept or idea into a complete product specification keeping the its implementation allways in perspective. In this initial phase the product features and characteristics are carefully listed and analyzed and, based on this, a technical solutions is proposed to the customer.

This team work is essential to be completed before proceeding to the next stages of the product development process. We assist in the process with our experience on key-technologies such as DECT (see Technologies section for more info). The product focus can be on price, reliability, small form factor or other characteristics as chosen.

Hardware Development

The hardware design services include:

  • Functional block diagram
  • Component selection
  • Circuit Schematics
  • RF design
  • PCB layout
  • PCB “bring-up” and test
  • Production documentation

Bithium uses the latest generation CAD tools to assist in the development process.

Firmware Development

Bithium uses the Test Driven Development process to achieve best results in firmware development. Our services in this area include:

  • Development of application or driver embedded system code according to detailed specifications
  • Use of Bithium’s protocol stacks or from 3rd parties in order to ensure reliable communications
  • Protocol stack development
  • Application development in RTOS or embedded Linux
  • Embedded Linux consulting

We are experienced with several industry standard software development tools and SDKs.

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Industrial Design

Industrial design runs in parallel with hardware desgin as, for example, phisical dimensions of selected components play an important role in the achievable product size.

Industrial design by itself includes the below phases:

  • product characterization
  • concept creation
  • customer approval 

We work with major designers and mechanical engineering teams to provide you a full turn-key solution for your product.

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Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process. It enables the validation of the harware and mechanical designs. Additionally the electronics prototypes serve in large portion as the basis for the software/firmware development. The provision of prototypes is to be aligned with the customer. They may be provided by Bithium or by the customer depending on what is the prefered working model.


Product testing is performed in-house according to the product specification defined at the beggining of the project or reviewed thereafter. Testing is facilitated by a test specification that can be developed and provided by Bithium.

A Turn-Key Solution

Bithium can provide a turn-key solution to our customers by delivering the end products resulting from the development process. An experienced quality control team inspects the products making sure they comply with the customer agreed pre-defined criteria and ready for the market. Bithium relies and works with selected European and Asian manufacturing partners covering from low to high volume productions. The customer is released from all production setup and interface details helping to keep focus on the product characteristics and marketing/sales.

Update or improve products

Refresh your electronic or communication product and make it:

  • more cost-effective (lower BOM)
  • up-to-date with current available components and technologies
  • add new features to make it more competitive in your market segment

Feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help you.