DECT Basestation with PSTN/VoIP Support

Mountain View, California and Lisbon, Portugal - Jan 29, 2008
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Integration Associates Inc. and Bithium - Sistemas de Telecomunicações, S.A., today announced a low cost reference design of a DECT basestation supporting dual PSTN/VoIP cordless phone with worldwide PSTN compatibility. Bithium - Sistemas de Telecomunications, S.A. is demonstrating its Freedom DECT base station design at DECT CAT-iq ‘08 conference. This low-cost DECT SIP cordless telephone base station design uses uCLinux and codecs such as G.722, G.711, G.726 and G.729 running on the SC14450 baseband processor from Sitel Semiconductor ( Bithium has specifically ported the uCLinuxOS to Freedom platform for enabling the high flexibility of uCLinux to its full potential making Linux applications easily usable.

The commitment to grow the use of VoIP communication terminals has led Bithium to pursue this project right from the availability of the main controller. This effort also targeted CATiq wideband audio profile offering the end-users a better audio quality experience in their VoIP communications.

In addition to VoIP SIP communications support, the platform also supports PSTN connections. Bithium is using Integration’s IA3223/IA3222 chipset to have the required isolation while at the same time providing a reference design worldwide compliant with a single BOM (no PCB hardware changes).

Integration’s IA3223/IA3222 is a DAA chipset optimized for non-modem systems requiring isolated DAAs, such has PBX FXO interfaces. Besides the worldwide compliance support with a single hardware build, the chipset includes the ability to program for additional AC line terminations helping to improve line matching and consequently the performance of FXO channels in VOIP equipment.

The development went through different challenges and has been made in record time in order to address the market potential. António Muchaxo, Bithium’s General Manager, said “Integration’s chipset provided the ideal solution to address the requirements of this design both in cost (DAA BOM) and support which helped us to meet our schedule”. He also stated the platform will be completed by the end of Q1 2008 when the development of portable device is finalized. Integration’s CEO, Jean-Luc Nauleau highlighted the flexibility of this new chipset for developing next generation of VOIP systems “the IA3223/IA3222 provides all line monitoring functions and while actually reducing the overall BOM cost.”

Bithium is promoting the design to OEMs and brands in the terminal communication equipment business. announced today that it is concluding Freedom - its low-cost DECT SIP cordless telephone design. With this design Bithium will addresses the OEM manufacturers and brand owners targeting the growing VoIP terminal market. A unique set of features is included: CAT-iq, wideband audio, data exchange capability over the air and uCLinux support.