Industrial Design

Bithium turns your concept into a turn-key production ready reality. The Industrial Design is a key element for the succes of a product. Bithium works with recognized Industrial Designers on our customers’ concepts. After creating the shape on virtual 3D environment, using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, the customer can monitor and intervene in this phase with their inputs.


The design concept may, at the initial stage, change at the aesthetic and functional level. These changes may include: changes in the initial briefing, new requirements of the client, mechanical or production issues or even changes in market trends.

We always try to use the best practices in designing the product around the critical factors of success. By helping identify areas for improvement we assist our customers in creating a product a step ahead of competition.

For a better understanding of the physical appearance of the piece itself, we use models and prototypes. In a final stage of the development process a functional prototype is created thereby enabling the customer to experience the look and feel of the final product.


In order to create a truly successful product, we must fully understand your business, your market and its users.

The first step is to make the briefing with the client providing a roadmap of actions to create the solution that customers demand. With this, have ideas to create solutions and understand how to use the product. The briefing is a key element for the planning of all phases of research according to customer needs.

For products already on the market use the practice of benchmarking. We seek the best methods used in different processes, with special emphasis on those whose importance in the performance, ensure and sustain competitive advantage.

Initially we can create some possible concepts for the case study (basic concepts, the paper / sketch). Later choose one or two concepts to move forward. And finally we arrive at the final concept. This is the concept that we take to the development process.

At the creation of the concept there is greater concern for the aesthetics than the functional part. Still, it is essential to take these aspects into account. This phase is focused, primarily, in a visual concept. It is intended to achieve a look similar to the final aspect of the product in a fast and efficient way, to have the basis for the phase of the development process.