Seraphone - DECT VoIP phone design

seraphone Bithium, advanced VoIP design

This advanced cordless phone complete design provides bpth PSTN as well as VoIP. The simple user interface makes VoIP usable in a convenient way at home or in the office

The large yet elegant handset design makes it the best choice for comfortably having your long phone calls. the Deisng is licensable and different configuration can be provided on request to fit your customer´s requirements.

seraphone by bithium

Main Characteristics

  • Easy to use standard user interface (different user interface or changes can be provided)
  • Comfortable large headset and large key design
  • DECT cordlesse technology (Digital enhanced cordless telecommunication)
  • Wideband-audio cat-iq support
  • Linux applications may be easily ported to this platform
  • VoIP (Voice over IP) using SIP protocol and PSTN worldvide support
  • Power from external wall-transformer (9v) or PoE (power over ethernet)

seraphone with stand

seraphone seen from the front


  • Based on a single-chip running all protocols
  • Software based rather than hardware based approach to run simultaneous OSs and tasks.
  • Support for two interfaces: Ethernet 10/100 and PSTN


  • Fucntional prototype
  • Software and hardware documentation
  • Electronic design CAD files (gerber files)
  • Mechanical design CAD files(STEP files)
  • Term utility tool (for download and monitor)
  • Bithium DECT protocol stack library doccumentation (in library form)
  • uClinux image with the associated SIP protocol and other network protocols
  • Man machine interface design
  • Technical support.