**Zigbee and 802.15.4**

A Wireless Personal Area Networks includes different nodes with ranges of a few centimeters up-to a few meters.

IEEE802.15.4 defines only the physical and MAC layers the a low-rate Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN).

Zigbee specifies a standard high level protocol standard for the IEEE802.15.4.

Bithium provides development of Zigbee or other standard or customer defined protocols built on top of IEEE802.15.4 on any of its operating frequencies. We build also customized solutions to fit specific applications: requirements may be associated with power consumption, range, bitrate, or other.

I will need to develop a Zigbee solution. Why should I use Bithium help on this?

Bithium provides Zigbee development services as well as its integration in a complete solution (in a equipment or system). The micro-controllers running Zigbee also run application code including Man-Machine interface when required.

What is Bithium expertise in Zigbee?

Bithium does not have Zigbee products in the market. However it has participated in a highly challenging project for meter reading.

Is Zigbee the best option for my new system?

If you want to be compatible with Zigbee profiles such as the smart Energy Profile, or if you require a mesh network, then yes.

DECT is another option. It all depends on the application. We would be pleased to help you evaluate what should be the best solution for your particular case.