Voice over internet Protocol


VoIP refers to techniques or methods for voice communication over an IP network. It is commonly used on over the Internet. It is widely in business communications and at the same time also becoming widely adopted by telecoms operators in their backbone networks. Bithium provides VoIP equipment development services.

Why should I consider VoIP in my new product?

Contrary to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), with VoIP one can combine in a practical way a voice-communication together with information data from the caller, the selections he made before calling, where he is located, what is the history from that location, from that caller, etc.

This enables the creation of call-centers with improved service and the ability to collect important information about customers’ options.

On the consumer side, a VoIP telephone can provide better audio quality (larger bandwidth than PSTN service) as well as more competitive operator prices.

Can Bithium develop my corded or cordless VoIP telephone product?

Yes, Bithium can develop your corded or cordless (DECT) VoIP telephone. Flexibility, simplified low-cost architecture, range and availability are key benefits of our solutions.

The servers your product will interface with are quite important to check. Bithium provides developments based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Different protocols may be used on a request basis.

I am developing a new product, Can Bithium help me connect to a call-center for remote assistance?

Yes, Bithium can design a solution for your product to have a “help button†enabling a local operator to get immediate assistance from a support line. The support engineer should then be able to check the status of the product and guide the local operator in getting it up and running in the shortest time possible.

Developing an IP data-only product, but not sure if voice is required sometime later in an enhanced model?.

Yes, the fact that the chip has an integrated codec does not make it more or less competitive than alternative options and it keeps the product architecture opened for possible future requirements as for example audio support over VoIP or cordless connectivity to sensors using DECT.

Why would I chose Bithium for a VoIP product development?

VoIP is not our middle name… but almost… We believe the technology is there to stay and all should take the best of it to make their lives easier through the use of smart VoIP enabled systems. Bithium provided the first VoIP solution in the market integrating VoIP and DECT into a one main system processor architecture. We can help you bring to reality your VoIP enabled product concept.